Sunday, May 15, 2011

Post-It Jumble

As most of you know, the stickies on my mac desktop are one of my most frequently used applications. I have a stickie that I literally created last July that held ideas for things to blog or write about, and now it's May and the list is unmanageable. When I thought this week that my hard drive was potentially lost, the only shred of relief I felt was that this list was gone and I no longer had to account for my previously unexpressed thoughts.

Obviously and thankfully, my hard drive was not lost and so the list remains. However, I do not like to feel obligated to things, especially a to do of my own creation...and so here is the list. It's garbled and incoherent, but it makes sense (at least a little) to me. And I am free of this obligation and am off to conquer another one.

if you want an interesting relationship, stay in one - julia's friend

identifying others' excellences make YOU better at what you do

Each day we are persuaded and persuade others.

"We're not the best person. We're not the worst. Graduate students are the worst." Jack & Liz

Colin Firth BAFTA acceptance speech

life happens right now
transformation happens right now

we spend more than when we feel less than

just relax - let it happen >> sis. hinckley

CJ's "why i'm a business major"

Last Gatsby quote - 8 hour performance Gatz

look up and live. when you are discouraged...

2:15pm - Home
5:30pm - Dinner w/ Lauren

9am - Walk w/ Emily
10:30am - Massage
12:45 - Lunch w/ Rachel & Tracy
Late afternoon - Katie Fin
Evening - "Eat, Pray, Love" w/ Mom

Movie day with Mom & Ness

8am - Breakfast w/ Chuck
10:00am - Massage
12pm - Lunch w/ Lorraine
2:30pm - WC shopping
5:30pm - Skips w/ the fam

San Francisco day (shop for dress)

Home, pack, relax

First day school
early morning - good hair
poptarts - near wipeout on the ice
classes - strategy (what am i taking again?), ethics with the macc students
lounge chatting
voice lessons
derma tech
sundance - perfect snowy wonderland
dinner w/ kar and gilmore girls
applying for jobs - nets/nordstrom
chatting with marianne
kirsten's party
eat, pray, love

family stone, while you were sleeping, hp1, eat pray love, blind side, dan in real life

Loving the snow capped mountains and all the great holiday gatherings to look forward to. Life really is amazing.
...a comforting sort of terror

ws photo

LIZ OTT's blog : when i die

blog allison sweeney's hair - bl 10.5

giants - best baseball team in july, rich aurilia (giants wall of fame)

3000 ads a day - don't even realize we're being exposed

zac on red carpet outside work - didn't know of course but crazy to consider

30 things before 30 blog

*blog la, trip with jewels, life out here, stardom (just people)
red checked table cloth and sunglasses w/ a book, friends gag reel, juri's wedding

*Blog maria, semi-freedom of expression vs. faithful following

reread hunger games on blog

white dress, white parasol - not a month goes by that i don't think about her...

the human condition

movie stars are people we watched growing up. our age or younger, they're just people

*we crave the drama, the obstacles - the product (apple, youtube, columbus) isn't enough

i wish song - beg. of disney, musicals - telling us what they want and where things will go

i like books, movies - fiction etc - because the pain isn't real

"All that we call human history--money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery--[is] the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy." -C.S. Lewis

"three hats we wear -- who I think I am, who others think I am, and who I really am," has caused me some discomfort. Since then, I've analyzed my personality by asking myself, "Do I say or do this because that's what I think I am supposed to do? Or is it because that's what others think I am? Or is that who I really am?" Also, when I answer the questionnaires I ask, "Which one of me is responding to these questions? I've been told my whole life that I'm outgoing. Am I really? Or is that what other people think I am so I act on it? Or is that who I think I am?" (1st year)

goals/love list
jim collins - goals, stop doing list
GEEK UNIVERSE _ resolutions!!
your wishcake post

charity sees the need, not the cause

Did you ever think you're not meant to fly under the radar - Ash O.

Whiners are Wieners

(Wow - you scanned all the way to the end of this. That's amazing.)

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