Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the topic which must not be named

we are so afraid to talk about certain things whether it be a facet of religion, politics, morality, or death. suicide is one such topic. and today suicide is all i can think about. not to worry, i am not suicidal. but a sophomore at san ramon took her life on tuesday. i did not know her, but that doesn't change how sad i am for her family and her friends. i am also so sad that the students and staff of san ramon are dealing with another tragedy. i hate that people so young have to think about the cruel realities of life. and while i think we need to talk more candidly about these types of topics, i want to talk about them in a way in which these kids believe that there is hope.

alliy bayliss was only fifteen. she was not alone, and yet she believed she was.

cue the cheesy music if you like or embrace the deafening sound of silence - either way - know that you are not alone. there is always reason to hope even in our darkest hour. and if you ever need anything - day or night, someone will be there. you just need to call.

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