Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Things to Love

The past couple weeks have been great. Lots of little things have made the usual dreariness of January non-existent. Here are a few of my little loves…

*Living in my own snow globe (I know people hate it when I say this, but I love fresh snow. Watching the snow fall down on a quiet Provo this past Friday was a great way to welcome the weekend.)
[Not a great picture, but it was a perfectly beautiful night.]

*Strawberry Chex and blueberries (always a good morning with this recently discovered combination)

*Mae’s gibberish (Mae’s singing and dancing are all the entertainment I need on any given day, but a highlight from Jewels, Mae, and my recent girls’ night was Mae trying to say my name.)

*Perfect paper chain (Don’t judge me. I know I’m not seven, but I love my paper chain. It’s made out of some of my favorite “wild asparagus” paper in shades of purple and green. I get so much satisfaction seeing the chain get shorter…. I’m counting down to summer, Tracy coming, family coming, mini-trips, etc, etc.)

*Irving Penn’s Trades People Collection (Penn created a brilliant photography collection of men and women dressed for work. He shot the photos in black and white in 1951. I got to go through his exhibit at the Getty a couple weeks ago with Maria. The few pictures shown don’t do the collection justice, so I’ll happily tell you all about it if you’re interested.)

*Smart A** (No I’m not trying to be profane. It’s the name of my grandma’s new game. It’s a more user-friendly “Trivial Pursuit” game that Ryan, Jewels, my grandparents, and I played this past Saturday. Very fun. I love my family. I’m glad my grandma is feeling better. For the record, my grandma said versions of the game name every chance she could.)

*Facebook status updates from 2009 (Most applications that make their way through the facebook chain are lame, but I loved seeing this random sampling of 2009 status updates. I say the weirdest things. Glad you’re still my friend.)
[I'm still looking for the magic beans, wand, or pixie dust...]

*And the award goes to… (Hello awards season! I love these shows – granted you have to be doing something while you watch (holding Mae, organizing something, etc.) because they get long, but I love the dresses, the movie clips, etc, etc. I, especially, love that Glee and Sandra Bullock have won at both the Golden Globes and the SAG awards. Sandy’s speech at the SAG awards was classic – if you haven’t seen her in “Blindside” – Go!)
[Like I said, her acceptance speech was fantastic - humble and hilarious - I love how she talked about her husband!]

*Silver fetish (I painted my nails dark silvery gray. I love this trend of dark metallic polish.)

*Layered Jell-O and Lady Antebellum (Jewels takes such good care of me. Today she cooked a fabulous dinner complete with her layered Jell-O and gave me a Lady Antebellum cd. So, so good!)
[If you can only download one, download "Need You Know" or sample it on Pandora.]

*Boy updates (My roommates and I are hardly home at the same time, but I love how we randomly congregate in the hall to hear who is loving who.) [My roommates and I just figured out we had no pictures together - we'll be remedying that soon.]

*Show & Tell (No joke – Kate, Heather, Karleen, Nicole, and I had “show & tell” before our movie night this past Thursday. It was Nicole’s idea of us to all bring something – favorite candy, plastic spoons, children’s books, chickens (seriously – real chickens), and first aid pictures are just the beginning. It took us ages to get to the movie because we were having so much fun talking about our objects. By the way, we watched “The Painted Veil” – I really love that movie.)
[Kate, an MBA student and stellar singer, brought this book and read it the girls and I. It's brilliant.]

*Growing book stack (There are five books on my nightstand. Yes, I’m reading all of them. I love that my desire to read hasn’t gone away even though the semester is getting busier.)

*Sleeping in (Last semester I went to school early every day regardless of what time I started class. When my roommate asked me why I didn’t it, I realized my reasons were not nearly as good as sleeping in that extra hour feels on my late days. I’m less stressed and ironically, more organized for it. Good thing she asked.)

Like I said – little things, but good things. Even in the midst of not loving what I’m studying, I’m enjoying life. Hope things keep going this well!


Lauren said...

I love a good Jaclyn blog. I am digging your paper chain (especially with your Felecity DVD on top of your desk) and I think it's so cute that Mae is attempting to say your name. And because you mentioned her, it should be said, that Juliann really is a special kind of special (i.e., not eat the paste special, but an amazing, wonderful kind of special). I think it runs in the family genes.

collette crew said...

I made a list and I'll be checking it twice- all the things I should check out. love your facebook list... it looks like one of the journal's we loved fresh. year. glad you like the snow- one of us should. love you.

The Boob Nazi said...

It didn't snow up here at all this weekend. WTF.