Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love Like That

I was reading the NieNie Dialogues yesterday and was struck again by how amazing Christian and Stephanie Nielson are. I love how in love they are with each other. Their love is up there with the great love stories of the ages. They've faced insurmountable odds and come out more in love with each other than they were. When I'm feeling like there isn't enough love in the world, these are the type of people I look to to restore my faith that people are good, that things do work out. Someday I want to find love like that.

Stephanie and Christian before their accident a couple years ago - cliche as it sounds, but you can see how in love they are by how they look at each other in their pictures.

Christian and Stephanie this past fall on a hike - still very much in love, still supporting each other every step of the way.

[If you haven't started reading the NieNie Dialogues, now is the time. Go back and read Stephanie's anniversary posts each December. Love, love, love!]


Jenessa Alyse said...

very very cute =) i should start reading her blog. loves

Marvia said...

Oh man! A few months ago I started following Stephanie's blog and it kills me. I love her. I probably sound like every other girl but I honestly believe that if I lived by her, we'd be friends. I love the love she and Christian have for each other. I'm grateful that she was able to survive and inspire so many people in the world and share the gospel message. Love you, Jaclyn!