Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scents of Something Delicious

Odd statement: Today smelled good. The blankets on my bed smelled like clean breeze dryers sheets. My room smelled like the blissful Berry & Bark candle from that I got from my Grandma's holiday gift basket. I spent a couple hours reading and grading in Starbucks while inhaling that smell only Starbucks can create - heaven knows I love the smell of that place. The air coming into my car smelled perfectly delicious as I drove into the mountains, and as I was coming down the mountain, it smelled like the Sundance General Store (that may sound even more odd, but I love the smell of that building). My coat smells slightly like the campfire that sits at the bottom of Sundance's ski slopes. And I find myself daydreaming in class of my delicious smelling day. In a little while, I'll be enveloped in the Berry & Bark scent again as I feverishly work to get things done before I head off to Washington tomorrow. Life really is a blissful thing.

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