Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sundance with Kathryn Stockett

December 11, 2010 seems like eons ago rather than six weeks ago, but I cannot miss the chance to tell you about listening to and meeting Kathryn Stockett. Stockett was Sundance's final guest as part of the Tree Room author series that they do each year. The interest in Stockett was so great that they moved the luncheon from the Tree Room to the newly built Redford Center. With fresh snow, decadent food, twinkle lights strewn over evergreen trees, and conversations all about books, I was in my version of heaven. I tried to capture some of Stockett's best lines as she spoke. She ranged from the exceptionally insightful ("The purpose is to try to understand each other. It's vital to our humanity.") as she talked about why she writes about strong women to the hilarious (You hear about people who write books in three months, and I think that's just bullshit.). Stockett really is an incredible writer and a very down-to-earth woman. At her side during the luncheon was her husband and while she signed books, her adorable daughter Lila (who will be playing the young version of Skeeter in the movie version of "The Help"). I loved every minute of hearing her speak and every minute of experiencing another wonderful day at Sundance.


Melanie said...

Have I told you lately that I am so jealous. I loved that book!

Melissa said...

That does sound blissful! I LOVE that book! What an awesome opportunity to meet the author.