Monday, March 28, 2011

a few more notes

Still thinking about “Seven Pounds” – that movie really is powerful. Have you seen it? Seen it lately? I thought it was much better this time because I was not so shocked by the overall story....

Anyway – here’s a few more things that have been on my mind.

*I cannot help but love March Madness. I know the Cougars and the infamous Jimmer Fredette are out, but it’s still been a great tournament. My fingers are crossed for either Butler or UConn to win it all. *Lore Segal’s “Reverse Bug” – Such a hard short story to describe but it essential tries to answer the question, can we compare and quantify human pain? Ultimately, I think Segal shows that we cannot, and yet her attempt to have her characters deal with that question is humorous and sickeningly sad at the same time. Read it, listen to it on the New Yorker: Fiction podcast – doesn’t matter.

*I need to go to school more often. I love learning, but I don’t like wasting my time. Some of my classes have felt like a waste of my time. Funny thing is I’ll miss this whole experience, but right now I am so excited to be done with people telling me what to do.

*Have you ever considered why we stand the way we do on an elevator? Try facing the opposite direction from everyone else or even standing against a sidewall facing the sides of the other people. Always entertaining to try and break social norms.

*Mark Zuckerberg came to BYU and did a Q&A with Senator Hatch. So interesting that one man was able to change the way we interact with each other. I was impressed by how articulate he was and love that he came in a hoodie and jeans. Plus Ryan met me at the Marriott Center – still can’t believe how grown up he is. *I actually checked all the blogs on my blog list this past week. It has been forever. Glad so many good things are happening in your lives.

*Just over a week ago I was in Los Angeles for my last round of Clippers meetings. Those were great. Staying with Maria was, of course, the highlight. We even snuck in a day at Disneyland. It was the first time I had been to the Magic Kingdom with a friend since middle school. I really could get used to living down there. *Last but not least, Jewels is just days away from finishing her independent study classes which qualifies her for graduation with me in April. So happy for her and her imminent freedom. Happy Monday everyone!

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Forrest and Holly said...

Ok so you work for the Clippers?? Forrest and I go to their games ALL the time! My uncle has season tickets so he gives us a lot of them. We're going again on Wednesday! That is so cool. It looks like you are having so much fun!!