Monday, March 28, 2011

Grapefruit Fandango and Eden

I don't know why, but there is a social stigma associated with talking about babies once you get to be a certain age. When you're twelve and doodling in your diary, it's totally fine to imagine what your "grown-up" life, kids included, will entail. Even when you're first in college, talking about adult life and the plans you have, kids included, is totally normal conversation. Once you're actually an adult though and not married and not getting any closer to those babies you once talked about, the topic of children falls into that socially unacceptable category that you only broach with your closest friends. Of course, it's okay to talk about other people's plans. After all, they're married and in the position to actually have kids. But you, a single woman in her late twenties - well, that's kinda awkward.

Tonight though, social acceptance be damned, because I have been thinking about the name Eden for a little girl. There is not some profound connection I feel to the creation story or Adam and Eve that inspired the thought. I just have seen the name over the past year and have added it to the list. Yes, the list - the one that every girl has written down somewhere even if it is only in the recesses of her mind.

My list is in a notebook that Hillary gave to me on my twenty-second birthday. There are two lists under Hill's page title of "names i love" - one is the list I added to from twenty-two until about twenty-five. My second list was started only about a year ago, but the chances of naming a baby one of these names is much more likely. I don't know why I think that, but I guess I trust my older self more to pick a name I won't be tired of after a few months.

Naturally there are more names on my list than the number of children I want to have, but that's a whole other topic that I probably should save for a discussion with my future husband. Just hope he knows how much I like the number three.

Anyway - I do not know where that whole spiel came from. Maybe it's the nostalgia of making plans as I prepare to graduate or the perfectly intoxicating smell of Grapefruit Fandango permeating my room. I just can't help myself.


Brian said...
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Jenny said...

How funny you mention this. I just started a list two sundays ago during sacrament meeting. I used to go through themes of girls names that I liked--flowers, Jewish/Biblical names (deborah, miriam, rebekah). Then, of course, while teaching, some names became off-limits forever. Emily is one of those names:)

Kate said...

Jaclyn, I love that you talked about your list. I totally have a list too and I hope someday the whole list isn't vetoed by the father of these unborn I also love the number 3... :) Thanks for making me smile!