Sunday, March 27, 2011

Note to Self

Note to self: watching “Seven Pounds” before you try to go to bed is not a good idea. Great movie, but completely unsettling. Despite how disturbing it is, I do love how we see the character through Will Smith’s character’s eyes. Ezra, Emily….they’re completely relatable which makes the story all the more beautiful and all the more tragic. Note to self: reflecting on disturbing movies only makes falling asleep harder. And now since I can’t sleep, here are a few other things that have been ticking through my brain over the past couple weeks….

*The closely guarded secret formula of Coca-Cola has coriander (herb similar to parsley) and citrus flavors in it. Thank you “This American Life” podcast. You learn something new every day.

*The stories coming out of Japan just seem to get sadder. I stopped watching the news because I couldn’t take any more interviews with people whose whole families were missing. *A famous Chicago chef named Grant Achatz beat tongue cancer and recovered his sense of taste. He is considered one of the most creative and innovative chefs in the world. I hope to one day eat dinner at his restaurants – Alinea and Next. *I heard a “This American Life” segment about people who cry on airplanes. I thought it was just me. I cry on planes all the time. Sometimes the salty mess all over my face makes sense – it’s related to comings and goings, other times, I just start and cannot stop. Thank you again “This American Life” for putting another undefined part of my life into words. *I am an independent voter. This means I do not have set opinions on many political issues, so don’t be surprised next time you ask me a question if I present both sides of the issue and don’t actually answer your question. I don’t do it to be annoying. I just keep talking in hopes that I’ll stumble across a truth that makes sense to me.

*I took Mae to “Tangled” yesterday and then to the Disney store to buy the “Tangled” doll. It was, without a doubt, the highlight of my week. That adorable (and stubborn) two-year-old calls me “Jackin” and was more fun to watch than the movie. She clapped and cheered with all the lanterns were floating around Rider and Rapunzel. Too cute for words. (There were photo attempts of Mae with her little hand plunged into her little bag of popcorn or with the girl paid by the movie theater to be dressed up (long blond wig and all) to be Rapunzel, but Miss Mae would not have it. Maybe next time.)

And now it’s after two, and the sun will find me sooner than I want it to. Better try to sleep. Good night. Sleep tight.

Ps. I found the source of the mysterious ticking noise….


forget laundry said...

I like your new blog background. so 7 pounds is brandon's favorite movie- and yes, highly disturbing (especially for one who is easily disturbed). no wonder you couldn't sleep. and I did not know you were a plane cryer... i can't even remember the last time I was on a plane. hmm - much to talk about :)

forget laundry said...

and the biggest thing I left out- rapunzel is nothing but magical. we've tried to go twice in the last two weeks and tickets were sold out. I bet it was SO fun to watch Mae!

Meg said...

Seven Pounds made me cry. Such a moving but sad story. One day, I'm going to get around to reading all those books that you have reviewed! You are so impressive. And I have yet to see Tangled. I heard it was really good. Can't wait to see it.

nikki said...

Haha, I can definitely relate to crying on planes and never actually ANSWERING a politically-weighted question. I just saw Seven Pounds recently too, and did you know that the title of the film (hopefully this is the right rumor?) refers to the 7 lbs of flesh you pay for sin? I can't remember the exact bible reference. ALSO - I saw tangled twice and cried both times. Did I mention I cried during Seven Pounds? That's a given. Wow, apparently I'm a cryer. Anyhoo, thanks for your fun blog posts!