Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am completely baffled as to how it is November already. Perhaps I've inhaled too many dry erase markers or spent too much time pretending to grade, but I have lost at least three weeks. Now the grading stacks are GINORMOUS (which by the way shows up as a word in my Mac dictionary even though it sounds totally made up), my red pens are almost dead, and I think my neck may actually stay permanently bent over like I'm looking at a desk or computer keyboard. Oh life--

Good news is that the end of the quarter is this Friday and grades are due by next Tuesday, so like it or not, my grading will be DONE by Monday night.

As for all the things that I have not blogged about - c'est le vie. Yes, I went to Alabama for my cousin Eric's wedding to the beautiful Whitney. Yes, I went to Apple Hill with Tracy, David, and Seth and had a marvelous time (and ate way too much). Yes, Ryan visited the Bay Area and was funnier than he's ever been. And yes, I discovered that my bad hair MONTHS have been almost entirely fixable - my part was in the wrong place. (You'd think I would have more seriously considered this possibility and messed around more but no. I kept thinking it was the Brazilian Blowout.) (I promise I'm not an idiot.) But you know what, I'm not going backwards - just forwards. So it's been a great (slightly insane) October. I'm ready for November, for turkey, for Jenessa to come home, for a girls' weekend in Tahoe, for crisp night air, for an extra hour of sleep courtesy of Daylight Savings, and for an excuse to talk about all the things I'm thankful for-- including you.


Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

I love this post. Nessa told me about your hair discovery. Totally made me laugh! Glad you have solved the problem. Can't wait until Christmas when I can squeeze you.

Trace said...

oh how I love this post too :)
Thanks for teaching us about the Apple Hill phenomenon, though I am a little nervous if that's REALLY what Disneyland is like without the rides ;) ;) wink* wink*