Sunday, September 30, 2012

Girls' Weekend in SLO

When Maria moved into my Victoria Place apartment my senior year of college, I thought she was nice, but had no idea that knowing her would change my life. After all, one of the first things she had out was a Lakers pennant. Now eight years later, she is one of my very best friends and a person who helps me make sense of life.  On a whim, we decided to meet up in San Luis Obispo for Labor Day weekend. Best decision ever. 
 After chatting late into the night on Friday after driving up/down to slo, we started our Saturday with a run. Our half-marathon was just a month away, so there was no slacking. Plus, we had plans to eat our way through town that day courtesy of Seth's suggestions, so we had to earn a little bit of it. It was a fantastic way to see town. Made me want to live there even more.
 Welcome to Pismo. My seventh grade self wants to write BFF. Don't judge.
 The shoe shots continue - Avila Beach.
 Welcome to the oddity that is the Madonna Inn. I've never seen anything like it, but Maria and I could not get over how eccentric this place is.  When we found out my great-grandparents used to visit the Madonna Inn for their anniversary, the hilarity hit unsurpassed levels.
The decorating is like Barbie and Disney princesses on crack.
And the men's restroom is legendary. We passed two other women going in. The urinal is literally a rock fountain. I felt a bit like I was in Snow White....not because of the urinal or the fact that we were in the men's restroom...decor people....focus.
See what I mean about Barbie on crack...during the much love.
The chocolate cake is also famous, though Maria and I both preferred the pink champagne cake.
 After we'd shopped a bit and recovered from our sugar comas, we waited for a long time outside an Italian hole-in-the wall restaurant. Nothing really happened, but we took pictures just the same. 
 Two mornings in a row, Maria and I shopped and ate breakfast at the Apple Farm. Deliciously wonderful. Their baked goods, especially their biscuits, are worth every calorie.
 These statues were outside our hotel (you can see the sign in the background). Couldn't resist.
 My favorite of the statue pictures. 

For a trip that was only a couple of days, we fit a lot in and had the best time. I always feel better about the world after I spend time with Maria. We talk for hours about work and boys and life and who knows what else, and somehow things seem to make more sense or be that much funnier. I love this girl and cannot wait for her (and Jenessa) to visit this weekend for our half-marathon.  Thank goodness Maria moved in all those years ago....

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Jenessa Hutchins said...

I love that you guys just planned this and did it. I love it a whole lot. I hope I am as cool as you in 10 years.

P.s. You should take me with you next time =)