Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pins & Shots

I end up with all sorts of images on my desktop from everywhere - pinterest, facebook, etc, etc. These are a few of my favorites from the last month. 
 In a perfect world, I would own these. 
 Guess what adorable creature just turned four?!
 Jenessa took amazing pictures in England, and this is the that I keep thinking about. Can't help it. 
 I want to turn this into a poster and put it up in my classroom.
 Oh the cuteness!!
 Am I too much of a dork?
 One of my favorite restaurants posted this on facebook to taunt me...too bad it's in Washington....
 My niece took a picture like her auntie.  Love.
 I miss this little boy. Good thing he comes soon!!
 Fall is coming. So happy about that.
Wish I had these too...Cinderella's shoes in my closet would be fantastic. 

I told you the pictures were random, but I love, love, love them. 


Karla said...

The Henry pictures are to die for!!! And... where is that restaurant in Washington? I'm thinking I'd like to make an attempt at creating that dish. It looks delicious.

Jenessa Hutchins said...

I love how you can take all sorts of things that would never mesh together and yet you make it work. I'm officially more in love with your blog than ever. I adore you.