Saturday, November 3, 2012

mini high school reunion

In high school I was blessed with great friends. Yes, there was drama. Yes, there were occasional tears, but usually those tears were from laughter. A few of us got together on a Saturday in October to catch up and marvel that one of the original Stargazers (our 6th grade core name) had a baby. We commandeered a table at BJ's for three hours - it had been way too long.
 I know I used this picture back a few months ago, but four of the fab five were present at the lunch. (I'm still working on old pictures of the Rachel and Nicole. They're coming, I promise.) So from left to right, Juri, Jen, Cassey, Lorraine, and myself. 
From left to right - myself, Nicole, Cassey, Juri, Rachel, and Lorraine.  I feel like we should have changed more, but it felt just the same as it always did even though it had been years since some of us had seen each other.  The difference between the two pictures is fourteen years - shouldn't we look more different?? Pretty amazing to think how much these girls affected my adolescence. I'm lucky to still have them around. 

Post three complete.


forget laundry said...

You are a babe - loving the hair

Jenessa Hutchins said...

I hope my friends and I are this cool.

Lorraine Golden said...

I'm lucky to have you too! We had lots of great times, ducks, breaking and entering, Saturday dances, studying together, brownie batter and lots more. Glad that we can continue making memories together.