Sunday, November 4, 2012


When I look back through the posts I've written, very few of them include references to work though it's something that occupies my time and thoughts every day. In fact, I never even mentioned that I got a new job for this school year at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon. It's been a very strange beginning, but the kids are great - for the most part, very motivated and kind - something you don't usually find in the collective whole of teenagers. 

I am on the second floor of the 1000 building. Our school is five years old and looks more like a small junior college than a high school. For the record, I go by Miss Hutchins instead of Ms. I know that's an odd distinction, but for some reason I see Ms. and picture someone in their forties. The mug poster is because when I was asked what things I collect, all I could think of was how I buy mugs from the places I travel to. The poster still confuses my kids when they come in, but I'm pretty sure my staff pal is one of my students so I don't want to take down her work. 

This is what my grading stacks in Tahoe look like this weekend, so that's all the detail you get about school for now. Long story short, I'm glad to be at DVHS. Go Wildcats!

ps. Whenever I say Wildcats, I hear High School Musical in my head.

Post number four complete. Getting closer to being caught up!

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Jenessa Hutchins said...

We're all in this together.
Once we know that we are
We're all stars and we see that....

Loving the Wildcat shout out.