Sunday, November 4, 2012

Primo's Run

I have been hearing about the Primo's Run since I started work in the district in 2007. Melissa and I decided on a whim that we would do the run. I think we were both a little surprised that we followed through, but on an exceptionally foggy morning we trekked to San Ramon with her two kiddies in tow.

Our 5k run turned into more of a walk because the running stroller was out of commission and the umbrella stroller only held one of the kids at a time. Melissa had a kid on her back or in her arms for more of the course. I was on stroller duty which included lots of "we're almost there" (which started after about one kilometer) and keeping the kiddos wrapped in the jackets and running shirts. 

We look ready to run though, right? All in all, just a fun excuse to chat and laugh at the hilarity of trying to keep the adorable Savannah and Rockwell happy throughout the run. If only we'd found the balloons before the end of the course. 

Post six complete. Are you keeping track Miss Ness?


Jenessa Hutchins said...

Still in constant love of your red running shirt. And I'm grateful for all the posts =)

forget laundry said...

your running is blowing me away. can you fit some laps in for me? you look awesome my sweet friend!