Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orange October

 I wrote a whole piece once on why God invented October. My main answers were fall leaves and baseball. Naturally, that's made up, but those two things are two of the reasons why I love October so much. This Orange October was spectacular - a second World Series win in three years was more than most Giants fans could hope for, but it happened and most of us are still waiting to wake up from the dream. 
 My dad managed to get tickets for us to game one of the National League Division Series. It fell on the night before Jenessa, Maria, and my half-marathon. We should have been home in bed, but instead we ate junk food and screamed until we had no voices left. Best type of race preparation I can think of.
 It's important to note that Maria is a Dodgers fan in Giants country. She was a good sport at our not so veiled "we hate the Dodgers" comments. She even rooted for the Giants to win against the dreaded Reds.
The energy of 43,000+ fans at a playoff game is tangible. It was beyond amazing.
 It seemed we were bound to lose the NLDS, but the Giants came back and took it. Crazy to think we were down again and came back to win the NLCS. Magical, underdog feeling, kind of ride (if that makes any sense at all). 
We're looking a little tired, but on a Monday we snuck to a NLCS playoff game between the Cardinals and the Giants. Cameron is there too. Not sure where those pictures ended up in the excitement.
I can measure my life by Giants seasons. This one is no exception. We're World Champions (if you can say that about a league that only plays in the United States and Canada) once again. Could not be more excited. 

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Jenessa Hutchins said...

It's like orange wouldn't be a pretty color if we didn't love the Giants. Hallelujah for that.