Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Answers

The answers to "what have you been up to?" are usually varied and often exceptionally random. Lately though, the answers are going to include movies, the Food Network, running, or trying new recipes. 

Movies: The best movie I've gone to lately is Argo. Even if you're not a history buff, it's still absolutely fantastic. Ben Affleck is great - both as the star of the film and the director. Go see

Food Network: I don't need to bore you with the details of Chopped, Sweet Genius, etc, etc, but it's love....and if you're (un)lucky enough to show up at my house, I may make you watch with me. 

Running: I've told you plenty. The next half-marathon is in Santa Barbara this upcoming Saturday.
(One of my latest cheesy running posters. Trying to stay motivated as the weather turns cold.)

 New Recipes: Seth and I have been on a kick lately of trying new recipes. We've made caramels (round one and two weren't nearly as successful as round three), joconde with a strawberry mousse, chocolate mousse with chantilly creme, manicotti, Thai stir-fry. On the horizon is chocolate mints, mozzarella, ice cream, etc, etc.  The manicotti was especially amazing, but Seth makes that from memory. Next time I need write it down so I can recreate it. The chocolate mousse with the chantilly creme is my favorite of the desserts. We should have taken a picture, but it was late and we were in the midst of burning caramel. We'll get better at documenting, but you should just come over so you can try our latest creations. Happy cooking!
(Not the most magical picture, but again, it was close to 11pm - strawberry mousse in a joconde cake.)

Post seven complete...almost there.


Jenessa Hutchins said...

Request #1: You make caramels with me over Christmas break.
Request #2: We watch the cooking channel while actually cooking haha.

forget laundry said...

ablyngn61Request #3 keep on posting- I'm loving all of this! love you!!