Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bath - Day Six

welcome to bath. this is jane austen country. everywhere you turn feels like being in a movie or a book where boy meets girl, trouble ensues, but love always wins. 
this is the center of the circus. yes, that's what it's called. didn't make that up.
failed attempt at a "singin' in the rain" pose. too entertaining not to include this picture.
here is the royal crescent. wishing that the characters would appear and walk with us.
the roman bath - hence the name, bath. 
yup - there was an audio tour. i didn't listen to it. 
yes sir - we touched it.
classic sister pose
and though you don't understand it, this is one of the face we make...a lot....
we're falling, we're falling
had us some disgusting sips of really, really old water
the bath cathedral was stunning
jenessa, my dad, and i were all in black. my mom definitely was not.
passed this bakery...such beautiful cakes and pastries. i took a brochure so that i could imagine more details about my jane austen ending.


Jenessa Hutchins said...

"Yup-there was an audio tour. I didn't listen to it."

Love that. Thanks for posting once again. I can't believe we did all of this!

forget laundry said...

no i don't understand the face you and jenessa are making. and yes, I love it!

did you get sick from drinking old nasty water? glad you are still with us.

loving all of these posts!