Saturday, August 11, 2012

Temple of Apollo...Mr. Darcy...and US - Day Five, Part Two

 How do you even begin to describe a place like this? It's especially difficult when my mind meanders over and over again to scenes of Elizabeth running across the bridge through the rain or Mr. Darcy's rejected proposal. And if I'm totally honest, it is because of those scenes that we even knew that Stourhead and its grounds existed.... 

 The Temple of Apollo sits above a glassy lake. It was perfectly quiet except for the rustling of leaves and sporadic raindrops. Everything about this place was breathtaking and the kind of beautiful that almost makes you sad because you know you won't experience a moment like it again.
 Jenessa's Keira Knightley moment

 One of my "can you believe where I stood?!" photos - I'm still so in love with the fact that we got to see this lovely place.
 so, so happy even though Jenessa was so, so sneezy

We even made friends while we were there. Too bad we didn't spot Mr. Darcy....

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forget laundry said...

absolutely beautiful. i think this would have been one of my favorite spots.