Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cambridge - Day Nine

Our second day in Cambridge included shopping to get Jenessa all set for her life here and more wandering. How could you not fall in love with this place?
Getting cold beverages is a luxury in Europe where the ice is seemingly non-existant. Plus, the Olympics were coming. Just in case you missed all the other signs of it before.
Evensong with a local boy's choir was increidbly beautiful. We were really lucky to get to attend the service.
Because we just can't help ourselves.
Two amazing things are about this picture - one) Cath Kidston - the fabric, the purses, the tiny little bags for who knows what...I still look at the website and make mental purchase lists. I did buy a messenger bag to replace my go-to purse. It's fantastic. two) Jenessa's apartment building is the cream one on the right - as in, she lives above the stores in the center of town. King's College is behind this building. So, so cool.
We never quite made it to go punting on the Cam, but it was picturesque nonetheless. 
Ness and I call these God clouds. We spent a large part of our afternoon laying on this lawn, eating the most delicious ice cream, watching cricket, and sleeping. It was everything you'd expect for a sunny Saturday afternoon in England. 

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