Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Warwick - Day Three, Part One

Waking up in England is surreal. It's a place I travel in my dreams...and to just be there is more wonderful than I can explain. Day three began with a journey into Warwick Castle.
This definitely is one of our top five favorite pictures of the trip. Plus we were pretty excited to have washed our hair and had Cocoa Pops for breakfast.
Dad's "tally-ho/I'm going to attack with you with this umbrella" pose made quite a few appearances.
Sassy, Gatsby goodness
SO MUCH WIND...but at least it's not raining
Jenessa decided to make friends the peacocks that roam Warwick Castle in honor of Freddie from last year. 
Not the greatest idea as the peacocks started fighting each other. (you should definitely click on this picture so you can see Jenessa's face in more detail)
Hard to believe this is real.
In the center of nearly every town in England is a beautiful old church. This one was stunning and simple....and the cute lady volunteering inside suggested we eat at the Lazy Cow for lunch. Best suggestion ever.
 There are no words....
 ...but there is dessert....
 ....REALLY REALLY good dessert. If I was given the chance, I think I would probably bathe in this custard. It was that good.
 Oh Lazy Cow - how we love you.

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