Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey!!) & Cambridge - Day Ten

There was something surreal about visiting Highclere. Everywhere I turned, I expected to see the Crawleys or Mr. Bates. As Carson would say, "Welcome to Downton."
Please note how happy and dry we look. This was a very short-lived good hair day. 
Not exactly sure, but it definitely is a dad pose.
The great thing about this house is that they literally use the family's furniture, so the inside of the house looks like the show. Lord Grantham's desk is just sitting in the library. Lady Mary's room has current fiction stacked on the bedside table. Pretty amazing. 
And how could we fail to mention that we visited Highclere on Jenessa's 19th birthday. Such a grown-up. :)
Garden party spot from the end of first season...
Where Jenessa and I spent a lot of time on this trip eating hi-chews and sleeping
After Highclere, we moved Jenessa in to her new place. So much cooler than we were expecting (not to mention much bigger, and much newer). 
Her building from a different angle...and then we said good-bye and left our Ness to go party it up in Cambridge. We drowned our separation anxiety in another dinner at The Eagle and then ventured back to the hotel to get ready for our next adventure. Love, love, love Cambridge and Highclere Castle, of course.

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