Monday, August 13, 2012

Cardiff, Day Seven - Part One

Sometimes I think our photos look like we were photoshopped into them, but we were indeed at Cardiff Castle in Wales. 

The castle was an interesting blend of the old and new since much of it was rebuilt to suit a wealthy duke's whims.
I LOVE taking random pictures of Jenessa. I would take them when she was looking and when she was just walking near me. Going through them at the end of the day was one of my favorite things about our trip.
Don't you almost feel like you're falling?
Not quite Hedwig, but this owl was pretty freaking cool if I do say so myself. 
All over the U.K. were signs that the Olympics were about to begin. 
We were definitely ready for them. 

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forget laundry said...

all of these pictures are amazing. so dreamy that you were there! is the owl real? what?!