Thursday, August 2, 2012

Downton Village (Bampton) - Day Four, Part Two

When people have asked about this trip, I usually say that it was unlike any European trip I've been on. The reason being that it was so leisurely. We ate our meals sitting down. Shoot, we actually ate full meals. Why? Because we weren't in cities. We weren't feverishly running up the stairs of a church and then racing to make the metro to a museum. Instead, we were driving through the countryside and following the whims that usually you only think about in passing. Visiting Bampton was one such whim. Why you ask again? Because the whole reason for visiting this small (very out of the way) village was that it is the backdrop for Downton Abbey's outdoor village scenes. Yes, we are that obsessed.
 My dad doesn't understand the obsession, but he graciously drove us (on the wrong side of the road no less) to Bampton. He was anything but cheap on this trip, but we got a kick out of this sign just the same.
 This is the church where *SPOILER ALERT* Mary and Matthew will get married. Don't worry, you already knew they were getting married. We just know that they're getting married for sure courtesy of a cute old man who lives next door to the church.
 Lavinia and William are supposed to be buried here.
 The cute old man's home is actually the house used as the Crawley home. He invited us into his gate and let us take pictures. He also told us that another Downton couple is getting married this season, but wouldn't say who.
 Wish we were throwing rice at Mary and Matthew here - cannot wait for the season to return!
 Bates and Anna filmed multiple scenes right here...not to mention the carnival scene, etc, etc.
 On the way back to Chipping Campden, we were still lost in our Downton dreams (okay not my dad, but the girls certainly were) and we had a bit of a fender bender....
 ...with a mail truck. Both cars from these pictures look just pretty good. Ours was a bit worse than you can see.
Good thing we were going home to this.

ps. Downton Abbey returns January 6, 2013. Not sure how we are supposed to wait that long. And can I just add how much I love Lady Sybil's dress? 


Jennica said...

Love. Love. Love. I can't wait for Downton to return and now I REALLY can't wait!

forget laundry said...

ahhhh! so much lovelyness! what fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Glad you enjoyed your trip to Bampton. Nice to see your pics (stumbled across your blog totally by accident). I remember laughing at your Dad when he was messing with the Cheapside sign and then giving you directions. Glad you found the church and the area of the village where they do most of the filming. Obviously my directions weren't that bad!!

If you ever get over again come and say hello, come and have a proper British cup of tea.

All the best

David (one of the many Bampton residents)