Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Castle Howard - Day Eleven, Part One

Castle Howard, known best for its appearances Brideshead Revisited (TV - 1981, Movie - 2008), is one the finest homes in England. I didn't know much about it when I chose it as one of our destinations, but we were blown away by the grandeur of this house and its grounds. It was quite the introduction to Yorkshire.
Three sisters that lived on the property a very long time ago - they look strangely similar, but then again, so do Jewels, Jenessa, and I. 
Strange picture I know, but the family who owns Castle Howard actually resides in the house. This is one of their rooms. Such a different life--
one small portion of the entry way
This little girl was known for being quite the troublemaker. Mae and she would have been best friends. 
The windows in Castle Howard's chapel were the brightest I have ever seen. They were simply incredible. By the way, they do weddings here. Destination wedding, anyone?
There's no picture of it, but after we went through the house and chapel we ate in a darling cafe that is part of the house. Very 1920s deco style with really good food - farm fresh bread, that type of thing. Like I've said over and over again, I could get used to places like this. 

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Lizzy Lambson said...

I love Castle Howard! I have these great memories of wandering and running through the woods on the ground and the stream running through. This looks like such a wonderful trip, especially the visit to Downton Abbey!