Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cambridge - Day Eight

Hello Cambridge - this was our first introduction to Jenessa's summer home. Literally, this is her school, her town, her life. What an unreal adventure!
It makes you feel more intelligent just to be on the grounds of these Cambridge colleges.
The King's College Chapel is exquisite. We toured the church and attended Evensong on a later evening. 
Is it too dramatic say that I was transfixed by this image of Mary? I thought it was perfect...even if, as our guide pointed out, she is wearing the wrong period clothing. I love her just the same.
How could you ever focus on the meeting with so many things to look at?
Prom pose (not on purpose by the way) at King's College
Drinks and dinner at The Eagle - oldest pub in Cambridge. When Watson and Crick announced the discovery of the double helix, they did it here at The Eagle. Good food and great atmosphere for very tired (and slightly greasy) travelers. 

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