Monday, August 13, 2012

Tinturn Abbey - Day Seven, Part Three

There is something beautiful and tragic about the ruins of a church. To think of the men and women that worked so hard to build this abbey...the prayers that were offered...the marriages that were performed...and then King Henry declared himself the head of the church and shut down the religious center close to this abbey. The roof was removed and taken back to London because, of course, it belonged to Henry and his whims.
I think it would almost be more spiritual to meet in a church without a roof...almost like God could see you better. 
If we're totally honest, I think part of the reason I loved this church so much is that it reminded me of Ever After where Danielle and Henry meet in that abandoned house with vines climbing the stone walls....
This was a bit smaller than the usual spaces I try to fit into. 
Hard to believe that Tinturn is just part of a town - this is something that people pass by every day, and probably hardly notice.
Good-bye Wales. We're heading back to Bristol to go to T.G.I.Friday's. Sometimes you just need an American Diet Coke and French Fries. 

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Juliann said...

I love the idea of meeting in a roofless church. Love the pictures! I am declare that sometime in the next 5 years I better have gone on another European adventure with you.