Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buckingham Palace - Day 9, Part 2

The walk from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace was beautiful - clever looking row houses, cafes with Wimbledon playing on the TV, and chic office buildings. I really do love London.

The "Royal Kiss" location, not to mention dozens of other royal appearances. Looked pretty quiet that day....
Three cameras going at once probably was a bit much - having over 2100 pictures is what has made the blogging and our Europe albums so exhausting to do create and yet, how could we run the risk of not documenting a single moment?!

And who to our wondering eyes did appear?! THE QUEEN!!! I know you can barely see it in this picture, but the car is part of a small motorcade, and Queen Elizabeth is sitting with her husband in the backseat. She is on the right side of the car. Definitely one of the things that helped complete the United Kingdom experience.

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Meg said...

I love all your posts and pictures from Europe! I want to go there someday, especially London. Hope you're doing well! Miss seeing you!