Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Globe Theater, Etc. - Day 8, Part 1

Standing in the Globe Theater is like going to the mothership. Though it's not the original Globe, it is still like stepping on hallowed ground - the ground where great writers and actors created art that has lasted hundreds of years. Sounds over-dramatic, but I can't help but get excited as I see pieces of original manuscripts and hear our tour guide tell stories of things that happened on that very ground (okay, a few hundred yards away - the new Globe was built a small distance away from Shakespeare's Globe).
The Globe puts on numerous productions during their summer theater season. The night before the Globe had been set for Othello. While we were on our tour, the crew was setting up for Much Ado About Nothing.
Guess what we're seeing in just a matter of hours?
The old-meets-new pathway that lines the Globe Theater and leads to the Millennium Bridge. I love this sign and the way the algae(?) has grown where the Thames has risen and lapped against the wall.
The Millennium Bridge (aka the Harry Potter bridge from the sixth movie) leading towards St. Paul's Cathedral
We're back at Daniel Radcliffe's school. Notice St. Paul's on the far right of the picture. Guess where we are going next?!

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