Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Je t'aime Paris - Day Two

Our first full day in Paris was marvelous - the Musee d'Orsay (famous for its Rodins, Monets, and Van Goghs), the Opera House (hello Phantom of the Opera), Sacre Couer (a beautiful white church that sits above the city), and St. Chapelle (a church famous for once holding the tunic of Mary and for its stained glass windows that tell the stories of the Bible).
One minute in a voltage adapter and my beloved Chi straightener met its end. Buying a French straightener later that day proved to be a bit of an adventure, but at least we didn't attempt to burn down another hotel room.
Executions during the revolution took place here - lovely, I know.

Shout out to Harry Potter and the Weasley's family car as we made our way along the Seine towards the Orsay.

We ventured into the museum restaurant and ate a fancy meal surrounded by spectacular art and ornate decor.

The Opera House was more magnificent than I could have imagined. Such grandeur - and to think some of the greatest musicians in the world have performed there. I may or may not have been able to refrain from singing Phantom while walking through the decadent hallways.

There was something profoundly awe-inspiring about this church. I sat in the pews and had an opportunity to take in the glowing stained glass, the intricate mosaics portraying Christ, and the craftsmanship of men and women that have gone before. It is another place where photography is not allowed - somehow I love it more for that.

The tree-lined streets leading up to Sacre Couer are romantic and inspire images of old movies and simpler times.
If you made it through this post, you have finished a marathon. It's definitely not a sprint. I'm to in love with my trip to leave much out....

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Marianne said...

I might be just as in love with your trip as you are. These pictures are amazing!