Sunday, July 31, 2011

Haddon Hall - Day 11, Part 3

Haddon Hall is a 13th century castle situated a few miles from the Chatsworth Estate in the Derbyshire Dales. The road leading to the castle was lined by hills with deep green grass and sheep roaming as far as we could see. Walking up to the castle meant a small drawbridge and a walk up a hill. While the rooms were old and the walls were crumbling, it was still an adventure to imagine who had lived here and what they had been protecting as they stood on the wall surrounding the home.

I always used to picture myself playing on harpsichords like this one when I practiced my baroque pieces. I'm actually grateful I had a large piano to pound away on instead. I fear I might have snapped the strings on something as delicate this instrument.

Naturally, the flowers growing along the walls and in the gardens were our favorite part of visiting Haddon Hall (which was used as part of a Jane Eyre film a few years ago). Don't ask - we're not really sure what the purpose of the stairs is or what our dad is doing.

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forget laundry said...

I second your thought... what is your dad doing? so funny