Friday, July 22, 2011

Train Stations & Les Miserables - Day 6

Say au revoir to Paris because in a blink of an eye we boarded a train at Gare du Nord to make our way to the insanity and splendor of London.

The Eurostar line is fantastic - less than 90 minutes on a train and we end up in St. Pancras station.
Shout out to the London Olympics - Summer 2012....hence why everything in England seemed to be under some sort of construction....including the adjoining stations of St. Pancras and Kings Cross.
Despite the London rain that soaked our skirts and snuck under our umbrellas, we had a great night eating in a second floor restaurant overlooking London's West End and watching my favorite musical.

In the 25 years that Les Miserables has been playing, I have seen it eight times. Could not love it more.
Do you hear the people sing?


Juliann said...

I hear them singing!

forget laundry said...

what i'd give to see les mis. so magical