Friday, July 15, 2011

Pantheon & Louvre - Day 3, Part 2

Welcome to the Pantheon - a church turned burial places for French government official. It seems like I find myself saying "the building is remarkable" over and over again, but all the buildings really are.

For some reason, I fell in love with this depiction of the angel of death. I like how she is staring down all those who look upon her with such a straightforward, unflinching look....
Say hello to one of the great heroes of literature - Victor Hugo who wrote none else than Les Miserables.

Running alone one side of the Pantheon is the Universite de Paris and the Sorbonne. Naturally we had to wander around and take those in.

The fact that the Louvre wasn't grand enough for King Louis XIV is mind boggling when the building cannot be photographed in one frame.
It's amazing that there is so much art housed in the Louvre that they can have whole areas that are crated and tossed aside for the time being.Without a doubt, Winged Victory is my favorite work of art in the Louvre. I love everything about her.
The coronation of Josephine is my second favorite. It is a painting that covers an entire wall with exquisite reds and golds. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to have married Napoleon, let alone to have become an empress.
Whew - day three is complete. Be excited for day four - car rentals, Parisian roads, and my dad driving, oh my!

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